Key 412

You will increasingly rediscover 'memories'. Whatever comes to the surface of your awareness, please remain humble, always remember that you need to work, that you need to work for the good of all the people around you and all human beings, whoever they may be.

As soon as a person can rediscover or acquire certain psychic skills, unless they also have wisdom and the experience of sufficient spiritual work, he/she can become arrogant and instead of being a tool for the betterment of humanity, becomes a tool that perpetuates humanity's ignorance and pushes people down, in order to establish his/her own power.

All you people who are going to be greatly opened to psychic ability, we ask you please insistently to learn humility. The more advanced you are, the more humble you need to be; instead of saying: 'I have such and such a skill over other people or over the realms', you need to say: 'Thank you Father, you have lifted some veils; may this enable me to serve You and to serve humanity'.

By so doing, more and more veils will be lifted and you will become new beings, beings who will use all their skills for the good of others.